Patience, grasshopper

Between the 1-month and 4-month appointments, many changes were afoot.  Around the 2-month mark, I got an update that Angela’s implants were just starting to drop, but they were doing so unevenly.  This was a cause of concern.  Looking at her picture, this unevenness is apparent.   This is not uncommon, however.  Whether this is because of being right- or left-handed or because of differences in tightness of the pectoralis muscles, sometimes implants do tend to drop at different rates.  This does not mean that the implants will wind up being in different positions.  Here she is around two months:


The left side has begun to drop into proper position, and the right remains high; but now look at things a month later:


The position of the implants has now evened out, giving her a nice, symmetric look.  At this point she breathed a sigh of relief, and her buyer’s remorse was replaced with excitement for the coming bikini season.  Also, some decreased nipple sensation, which is transient in some patients (due to nerve stretch  because of the size of the implants), was now relieved, making her even happier with her results.

Tomorrow I’ll post her pictures we took at her 4-month follow up appointment.  Angela’s case is a good one in that it illustrates that not everything goes according to patient expectations, but this doesn’t mean results are compromised.  For those interested in breast augmentation, come in and see me – for those who schedule augmentation consultations before the end of the year, you can get 1/2 off the surgeon’s fee for your surgery, and you, too, can be excited for the coming bikini season!

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