Take two of these…

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I’ve known Sue for several years now.  She is a close friend.  For more than a year now she’s also been my patient.  It was then that I learned she suffered from painful, chronic migraine headaches, sometimes every other day, especially when the seasons change.  She would not want to leave her room, would be on the brink of throwing up, and sometimes did.  When I first learned of her problem, I told her there was a way to relieve her suffering, that involved something in the plastic surgeon’s standard bag of tricks – Botox.

Current research shows people with chronic migraines can benefit from botox treatment – with regards to headache severity and frequency, but also in general quality of life and headache-related disability.  In addition, the longer someone is treated, the more they seem to benefit.

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Since Sue started using Botox, she has noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of migraines she gets.  Where she used to get 2-3 per week, she now only gets 1-2 per month.  The injections usually last her around 4 months.  If she goes too long, the headaches return, and I get gentle reminder text messages.

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