Getting all settled in.

After four months, Angela’s implants have now settled.  Seeing people in the office at this point gives a rough idea about how the implants are going to look over time, although one must keep in mind that breast tissue will continue to change.  Skin, breast gland, and breast fat all undergo alterations that occur with normal aging, not to mention rippling, contracture, and other changes that may take place with time.

As you can see from the following before and after pictures, we accomplished our preoperative goals well.  Angela was initially a small B, and desired a full D cup.  She is now very pleased with her results, and eagerly awaits swimsuit season.




Like many plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation comes with risks and benefits that are best understood by consulting with an actual surgeon.  When I discuss options with patients, I strive to help them understand many things, including what is possible, what will look good for their particular body, and what they should expect before and after surgery.  I truly enjoy educating, collaborating with, and improving the lives of my patients.  If you are interested in breast augmentation, I encourage you to come in and see me.  Through the end of the year 2013 your consultation is complementary, and the potential benefits can be sizable.  Go ahead, give it a try!

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