It’s been a while!

Some of you may have noticed that it’s been a while since I last posted.  In the interim, I’ve started my own practice!  We’re starting great things, and I’ll be resuming my blogging shortly.  In addition to the internet, I’ve taken an interest in other media.  This is a modest start to being on camera:


Breast Augmentation Consultation Videos – Overview

After a long winter’s nap, I’ve begun the creative process again.  We’ve come up with several ideas for instructional videos people can use to educate themselves on a variety of plastic surgery topics.  The idea is that you can watch these videos before you go in for a consultation, so that you are more informed from the get-go.  Obviously this first set will be on breast augmentation.  This first video is just an overview, and we have several other videos that will go into some detail on the particulars of augmentation.  After we get this series completed, we’ll move on to other topics (liposuction, tummy tucks, etc).  Feel free to contact me with more ideas for topics you’d like to hear about!

He Said. She Said.

He’s tee’d it off to me to tell my side of the story. Here is my version of the week’s events post fractionated CO2 laser treatment.

Action Plastics Renee Tracker Forecast!

For the past 24 hours the Renee Tracker team has noticed a clearing of the dark clouds over the forehead and cheek areas, as the melasma debris is sucked up by the humoral high pressure system we’ve seen the past few days. Despite the darkness clearing, Aquaphor precipitation has continued over the greater facial area, and we continue to forecast more wetness and humidity for the coming days. We’re also starting to see some tightening of the skin over her frown lines, and some swelling receding in that area, as well. Local residents admit they were worried the swelling would continue, as it’s brought with it some nasty itching that may stay in place for several days.


As we move into the end of the week, we anticipate continued clearing of the redness in her jaw areas, as these areas were less affected by the recent storm. That means a quicker recovery in these areas, but the cheeks and forehead shouldn’t fear, as in the coming days these areas should also be lightening up.


Stay tuned to your Action Plastics Renee tracker team, as we bring you the latest developments!