Houston, we have a problem

Ah, buyer’s remorse.  That nauseating feeling that something is wrong – that what you have experienced isn’t normal, and that you may have just made a huge mistake.

Somewhere about a month out, I saw Angela, and she was concerned.  Normally by that time, the implants have started to drop, but hers continued to be positioned high, and her implants appeared very tight.  Perhaps she was comparing her results to friends who had implants, who didn’t seem to still have breasts up to her collarbones a month out.  Doubt started to creep in, and the possibility of revision surgery loomed in her thoughts.  We talked for a while about possibilities, and I encouraged her to hang in there.  Her concerns were logical and realistic, but over time I have found some people, particularly petite women, have tighter musculature, and it takes longer for their implants to drop.  She seemed to match that profile.

Around this time she started taking occasional pictures to document her progress.  With this picture, you can compare her appearance with where she was right after the procedure and you can see not much progress has been made.  In fact, some may even say her implants seem to have shifted upwards.  This is not uncommon, and as you’ll see, truly does improve with time.  Over the next few days, pay close attention to how the breast volume, position, and symmetry can change.


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