A sophisticated heat beam, known as a “laser”

No, we don’t plan to shoot through the ozone layer to threaten the world, nor do we put our lasers on sharks or seabass, but we do occasionally break up the outer layers of your skin. Yes, that’s right – skin resurfacing. What is it, why does someone need it?


Meet Renee. By all accounts, Renee is an attractive individual, but like many women, Renee has had trouble with skin hyperpigmentation known as melasma. You see, Renee developed acne after childbirth, and because of this was placed on birth control in hopes of improving the acne. Unfortunately, the changes in her hormones, and a likely genetic predisposition, caused her skin to darken in areas. She tried over-the-counter skin lightening creams, IPL, prescription hydroquinone and retinol. Nothing seemed to work right. And then she married me. No wait – that’s not right. Then she saw her plastic surgeon, who recommended fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing.
For this week, we’ll take you through Renee’s experience, in a day-by-day pictorial of what she goes through during and after her laser treatment. Here’s how she started out:


And here’s her yesterday driving home from her treatment.

renee car

She tells us the numbing cream helped quite a bit during the treatment, as did the ibuprofen. She drove herself home, and today she is going to work. Tomorrow I’ll post a 24hour post-laser picture, and then we’ll go daily for a week, giving you all the play-by-play. How ever will she wind up?

To give you an example of the power of the fractionated CO2, here’s a few pictures of a lady some of you may know. She was treated for aging and sun-damaged skin, and as you can see, her results are fantastic:

sheila beforesheila after

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