How does Renee fair today?

Renee has survived her first day since laser resurfacing. She went to work. People stared. She went to McDonalds. People stared. One guy looked at her and said “ouch!” But if you ask her how she has felt, she would say she has felt great. She went for a run (out of the sun) – she was admittedly a little wary of how she would feel, but she had no problems. She thought she would feel much worse, but most activities have been normal. The only caveat is laughing or smiling, which makes her skin feel tight, and she’s had to cut up her food into smaller bites because she doesn’t want to open very wide.

Looking at her pictures, you can see some redness throughout her face, though you can see more at the top near her forehead and cheeks, as this is where her melasma was located. On the lower parts of her face we took a much more gentle approach.


Also, you’ll note that the darker portions of her skin have become even more so. This is normal, and is a good sign that that pigment will be “lifted” out of the skin. In the coming days I expect for her skin to get slightly redder and tighter, but for the pigment to fade.

Stay tuned for more updates, as her saga continues!

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