Making the Holidays bigger and brighter

Yes, I admit it.  Perhaps the purveyor of this blog has become derelict in his responsibility to post new and exciting plastic surgery updates.  But guess what?  Doctor’s gonna make everything all better, because I have yet another weeklong series based on a patient’s experience.  This time – Breast Augmentation.  Everyone please meet a girl we’ll call “Angela.”  No silly, that’s not her real name, but that’s ok.  We keep everything confidential, and you benefit because Angela has done us all a great favor and has recorded her experience with her iPhone.

During my consultations with patients, I discuss how things change over time, with the normal progression being something as follows:  regarding their shape and volume, on the day the breast implants are put in, they appear something like their eventual outcome.  Because of swelling and muscle tension, the implants tend to rise soon after surgery, giving the breasts a constricted but high-riding look.  With time this resolves, giving people the cosmetic outcome they were desiring.  This takes time – usually about a month, but sometimes longer.  The natural tendency is for people to want their “new” boobs right away.  Angela was no different.  Unfortunately for her, but fortunate for us, this process took her a little longer, thus providing her the incentive to document her progression.  She is petite and active, and it took a few months for her implants to really find their new home.  Each day this week I’ll add a picture to the series to show you what you can expect with a breast augmentation.

Some initial information: Angela is 26, initially had small-B cup breasts, and desired D to DD.  She desired silicone implants, and we chose to place these underneath her pectoralis muscles.  Here are her initial preoperative pictures:


Tune in this week as we take you through Angela’s journey.  For those of you who are interested, come in and see me.  Right now we’re offering 1/2 off the surgeon’s fee for breast augmentation patients who come in for their consultation during November and December!

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