Looking scary out?


As we approach Halloween, we can’t help being swept up in traditions of ghosts, goblins, and zombies.  In a few days the constant parade of grim reapers and spooky ninjas will come across our doorsteps.  Seeing the kids enjoy the time is great.  But somewhere along the way of being barraged with scary movies and evil laughter, I start asking myself – “hey, where’s the pretty in life?”  Many of us have seen enough scary things in life – whether from divorce, monetary problems, or illness – we’ve all had our trials and tribulations.  At some point you want relief from the bad.  You ask “where’s the joy?”  One of my greatest joys comes from being part of the creative and healing processes.  Plastic surgery is one way of accomplishing both.  It can heal us of our outer scars and blemishes, and help restore our sense of inner peace.  Don’t get weighed down by life’s scary side.   We all have our goblins that need “treating.”  I’m here to help restore the “pretty” in life amidst the spooks and spells that life throws our way.

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