A day of rest

Coming to a close on this week’s postings, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned. Yes, the fractionated CO2 laser works. Yes, it can be annoying for the first few days, but after the skin peels off, all is greatly improved. Aquaphor is your friend for the first few days. And yes, there is a difference between sunscreen and sunblock.
I have a few pictures for today, though I admit they’re not that different from yesterday’s. Renee has developed a few small red spots near the corner of her mouth, and elsewhere. This is likely from the change in climate, as she’s noted a significant change in how dry her skin becomes, being in a much dryer place.


Now for the good part – tomorrow Renee will post her own thoughts and feelings on things. I’m not TOO worried about what she’ll say. I know she’s not a fan of being on display, but she IS a fan of not having melasma. Everyone please give her a big round of applause for letting us catch a glimpse of the journey, and stay tuned! I’m sure tomorrow will be interesting.

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