And you were worried…


Well, well, well. Here it is the weekend, and everyone is out playing. So is Renee! She has gone on a field trip to a very dry place. Before she left, she washed her face, and voila! Now she’s soft as… well, you can imagine. This can be evidenced by the smile she can’t seem to get rid of in her pictures. No more melasma. No more fine wrinkles. She does have some residual skin peeling, but this should be gone in a day or so.
Because she’s so close to the desert, she’ll need to be VERY careful to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun. It’s getting to be time to start thinking about preventing future melasma spots from forming, too. This will require strong sun block (not just sunscreen), and likely a prescription medication or two.
As you can see, her skin is still quite pink. This is because it is thin. With the passage of time (a week or two) her skin will continue to grow and the coloration will normalize. As advertised, I’ll keep up the daily posts to complete the week. In a week or so we’ll check in again with Renee to show how things normalize.
And now admit it. Only a day before and you were worried. What with the itching and scratching and annoying husband, the slightest doubt may have entered your mind. But this husband isn’t as dumb as he may look. After all, he does this for a living!

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